Applications Open: June 10, 2021
Applications Close: October 15, 2021
Participation Fee Payment Deadline: October 15, 2021
Exhibition Dates: October 25-31, 2021

Special Colour Exhibition: TURQUOISE

The Faculty of Art and Design at Izmir Katip Celebi University is pleased to announce a new exhibition: Special Colour: TURQUOIS on October 25-31 at the IKCU Art Gallery, Izmir, Turkiye. We wish to invite visual artists to submit their artworks of various media such as graphic design, drawings, illustrations, printmaking, cartooning and graffiti, Infographic, photographs, video & new media art, and mixed media.

According to Wikipedia: Turquoise is a blue/green color, based on the gem of the same name. The word turquoise comes from the French for "Turkish", as the gem was originally imported from Turkey. The first recorded use of turquoise as a color name in English was in 1573. A blend of blue and green, shades of turquoise have the same calming effects of those colors and share the symbolism and characteristics of both colors.

  • The works submitted to the competition may be prepared as original drawings, digital printings or computer printouts.
  • TURQUOISE color should be used in the artworks. All work must be the original work of exhibitor. Turquoise colors include:
  • Pale Turquoise: Hex #aeeeee | RGB 174,238,238 | CMYK 27,0,0,7
  • Turquoise: Hex #00c5cd | RGB 0,197,205 | CMYK 100,4,0,20
  • Bright Turquoise: Hex #00e5ee | RGB 0,229,238 | CMYK 100,4,0,7
  • Medium Turquoise: Hex # | RGB 72,209,204 | CMYK 66,0,2,18
  • Aquamarine: Hex #7fffd4 | RGB 127,255,212 | CMYK 50,0,17,0
  • Artists who intend to participate in “Special Colour Exhibition: TURQUOISE” have to send their work visual by using the Online Application Form.
  • File names of maximum 40 characters should only contain letters of the English alphabet and underscores. Titles may be shortened (please avoid very long file names), and they should be given without spaces in the file name.
  • The exhibition applications will be accepted or rejected according to the evaluation of the “Art Committee”. The committee will assess works by considering criteria such as contemporary interpretation, material knowledge, technique/practice, subject and visual balance/aesthetic.
  • The dimensions of the design should be 50 X 70 cm (19.69” x 39.37”). Originals of designs, In CMYK mode, fonts will be converted and saved JPEG format at least 300 dpi resolution (10MB maximum size).
  • Each artist may submit a maximum of 3 pieces of the original artwork. Due to space limitations, not all pieces are guaranteed to be hung.
  • The artists submitted for selection will be able to be printed in the publication of Izmir Katip Celebi University and in other printed materials of this organization such as books, catalogs, brochures, postcards, websites, and posters. All rights for any other publishing except these belong to the owner of drawing.
  • Each participating artist will receive a certificate of attendance and a digital exhibition catalog.
  • The exhibition committee is entitled to use the work received for the purposes of publication, branding, and others that are still relevant to the exhibition.
  • The selected works will be covered with a passe-partout for the exhibition. Submissions are subject to evaluation based on creativity, used medium, originality, and quality of work.
  • The copyright of the work of the contest remains in each artists. Artists shall retain all copyrights of any image they submit to the Art Room Gallery. Images will not be resold, exchanged or copied from this site.
  • Submitting your work is subject to a submission fee 10$ per submitted artwork, if you submit two artworks submission fee is 15$, three artworks submission fee is 20$, and so on, once you fill the submission form you will be redirected to finish submission fees payement you can pay through Payoneer.
  • The participant’s registration fee includes High-Quality Digitally Print + Passepartout, Certificate of Attendance, Digital - Exhibition Catalog, and attendance in the festival program.
  • The applicants who complete the application form are deemed to have accepted all the conditions specified in the specification.